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Unlock the full potential of your self-published book with our comprehensive ISBN and barcode services, tailored to your unique publishing needs. An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and its corresponding barcode are essential tools for accurate tracking, seamless distribution, and enhanced marketing. Whether it's a paperback, hardcover, or ebook format, every version of your book deserves its own dedicated ISBN and barcode.


At Publishing Spot, we understand that each book is a masterpiece deserving of its distinct identity. Our comprehensive ISBN and barcode services empower you to present your work professionally, leaving a lasting impression on readers and industry professionals. Embrace the world of self-publishing with confidence, knowing your book is equipped with the essential tools for success.


Note: Upon submitting the required book information, please allow a short period for the delivery of your ISBNs and barcodes. Our dedicated support team is readily available to assist you with any inquiries or guidance.


Embark on your self-publishing journey today. Choose your ISBN package now and open doors to a realm of literary possibilities.


Feel free to tailor these descriptions to match your brand's tone and style. The inclusion of barcodes with each ISBN underscores the professionalism and convenience your service offers to self-published authors.

Get an ISBN and Barcode for Your Books

PriceFrom $39.00
  • For authors embarking on their publishing journey or seeking to test the waters. This package includes:

    • One ISBN designed for your chosen book format.
    • A corresponding unique barcode linked to your ISBN.
    • Expedient email questionnaire to gather essential book information.
    • Rapid delivery of your ISBN and barcode, ensuring a smooth publishing experience.

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