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Check most frequently asked questions here

  • Will I have complete access to the book?
    Yes, once we published the book, you will have complete access to it and you can make any changes by logging in to your account.
  • I want to publish my book on all platforms. Which package should I choose?
    If so, we recommend you to choose our Deluxe book publishing package and that would cover amazon kdp and all platforms for you
  • The book will be published on my account or yours?
    We will help you setup your accounts on amzon kdp and other book publishing platforms and publish your book through them so you own all royalties that coms from your book sales.
  • What formats can I get through your book publishing services?
    we offer ebooks, paperbacks and hardcover books. But we also do offer amazon ACX Audible audiobooks and if you would like to do that, please visit our audiobook services.
  • How can we get started?
    To get started, you will need to choose a package from the listings and place your order. You will shortly get an email asking you for the requirements to submit. You need to reply to that email submitting order details.
  • Will I have a chance to view layout and design before uploading book?
    To get started, you will need to choose a package from the listings and place your order. You will shortly get an email asking you for the requirements to submit. You need to reply to that email submitting order details.
  • Can I get a custom quote for my book publishing project?
    Ofcourse, if you want to discuss the project before getting started, please leave us a message and we will help you and generate a custom quote for you.
  • What do I need to know before I pursue self-publishing with Publishing Spot?
    Self-publishing is much faster than working with a traditional publisher, which often takes a year or longer. If you follow Publishing Spot guidelines and submit in one of our preferred formats, you can essentially print your own book and have it be available for worldwide distribution within 15 days of the date we receive the manuscript. You don’t need to know a lot about computers or the Internet to self-publish with us. Because Publishing Spot has a robust technological infrastructure, we are able to help authors with all aspects of self-publishing a book. We will take care of all the technical aspects, while you concentrate on doing what you do best—writing! Of course, if you do have computer-related questions, please feel free to contact us via live chat or call us at +1 786 231 3756..
  • Can I use this ISBN on all self-publishing platforms?
    Yes, the ISBN can be used on any self-publishing platform around the worlld including Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, Lulu etc.
  • Will this ISBN be assigned to my name or my company name?
    Yes, the publisher name will be assigned to you and you will have full ownership to the ISBNs and barcodes.
  • Are there any restrictions/disadvangages on the use of an ISBN purchased from you versus one purchased from other ISBN supplier?
    No, there are no restrictions on the use of our ISBN and barcode. You can use this ISBN on any self-publishing/book publishing platforms like Amazon KDP/Kindle Direct Pulbishing, IngramSpark, Lulu and others.
  • Can you provide ISBN for eBook, Paperback and Hardcover?
    Yes, the ISBNs can be used in all formats including eBook, Paperback and Hardcover.
  • Can I use this ISBN if I publish the book myself and don't use your book publishing services?
    Yes, ISBN services are independent of our self-publishing services and you can use this ISBN to publish the book yourself on any platform.
  • How do I talk to my Book Publishing Consultant?
    To do so, please contact us via live chat or leave your phone number in live chat and one of our Publishing Consultant Team member will call you. You can also call us directly at +1-786-231-3756.
  • What is Publishing Consultation?
    You’ll begin the self-publishing process with an in-depth conversation with a publishing consultant to discuss your project, and then choose the services that align with your goals. From copy editing to promotional campaigns, you have the flexibility to create a custom project plan for the submission, design, formatting, publishing, and promotion of your book. You can submit your completed manuscript to us as a word doc, pages/Mac file, PDF, Canva file, or JPGs/PNGs. Our preferred file formats are Word or Adobe InDesign. Submitting your manuscript in electronic form gives you, the author, more direct control of appearance and content. To ensure that your manuscript is ready for publishing, please review your writing carefully and complete all final revisions before submission. Although you’ll be able to review an interior and cover of your book and make revisions before it is printed, you’ll have the first copy of your book quicker if final editing is done before the publishing process. Our book publishing company also provides indexing and copy editing services. If your book contains an index, simply send us a list of words you wish to include, and we will auto-create the index for you (there is an additional fee for this service). We cannot enter indexes by hand. You can also choose to use our copy editing services. When you do self-publishing, we recommend having your book edited to avoid embarrassing errors and typos. Our copy editors will not edit your manuscript for content or style changes. You, as the author, have control over how to publish your novel, as well as the exact content of your book.
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